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On-Site SEO : Web page’s title or else Meta-Title

Each of our website’s page has a title. Its the one you see on the web browser when browsing your website. Here, you should include the target terms but at the same time, write the title in a “human” format. This title will display as the blue clickable text on the search results page of search engines.

In order to correctly write an optimized title, you should keep in mind to :

  • Include the terms on your title, as to the left of the title as possible
  • Write the title as a sentence, in a “human” format
  • Include your website’s name at the end of the sentence, not a must but you could
  • Never go above 70 characters of the title in length as search engines will not “see” what’s included in the page’s title after 70 characters

For our services page we will have the terms “criminal law” and “trade law”.

A correct title would be : “Criminal and Trade Law Services”. A better title would be “Criminal and Trade Law Services in London UK”. If we want to include our brand name on the title that’s fair and one title would be “Criminal and Trade Law Services – Our Brand, London UK”.

Keeping things simple, before forming up your website’s title, think of how you would list that particular page in your post box or after I asked you “what do you do, tell me in a sentence”.

A wrong title would be : “Criminal Law, Trade Law, Services”, why? Because we made the mistake of keyword stuffing on the title, which is something search engines consider like an effort on our side to “trick” them.

Don’t overdo it with terms and keywords on your web pages’ titles. If you add too many keywords there, then is highly possible that engines will “flag” this page for keyword stuffing and will skip it from the search results. Also, never use capital letters in all of your title, keep capitals as the first letters of words if you need but never use capitals in all letters, search engines think this is an effort to make this page more visible in the search results and will flag you.

Your title should be clear, provide the page’s content in a snap and be interesting to the user so they can click it when they see it on the search results page. This will increase your CTR in search engines thus bring more people into your website. Its not only about being in the search results but also for users to click your website.

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