Nobody is waiting for your e-shop to go live

In reality, nobody really knows about it, except the people you have already spoke about it to.

So, one of the most common mistakes shop-owners do when they build their online stores is thinking in a way, that by opening up their store to the world with standard prices, nothing exciting, people are going to love it. That’s utterly wrong.Even loyal customers of the physical store, will not care one bit about the online store unless there is some kind of “cheese” to look forward to. Its really simple and there are some pretty simple ideas to make this happen too.

So here are some of these ideas we think might help you launch your electronic store, because this is what it’s all about, launching it, not just pushing it live with your developers.

The most standard way, ads. On Facebook or Google’s AdWords, you can create a campaign to let people know about your store. You can do the same with your Social Media, either if already established or starting right now, ads is a way to go in the very early stages of your project.

But here is the thing, even if you spend your money on ads, still there is something missing here. So the problem here is that even if someone sees your ad and wants to enter your store, there is no incentive still for them to purchase. You need to go aggressive on how you sell and why you want people to visit your site, better yet, make people want to enter your store. Call it lower prices, call it a competition, call it a “Black Friday” opening approach.

So if you keep your prices normal, same as the competition, nothing dramatic, nobody will come. Yes there are some peripheral incentives to buying online compared to going to the store, like its convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere, or sometimes its more “impulsive” as people add more and more to their cart, you can measure traffic and patterns etc.

So, if you are an e-shop owner, make sure you plan your first opening week with a crazy shoutout of lower prices, sales, 2 for 1 and specials like these, make a crazy present to your very first buyer and make it public that you do, make people turn their heads to check out the others running towards your shop-front.

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