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On-Site SEO : Page’s web address or URL

Another important “place” where we should have the target terms, is the web pages URL or more simply, its address on the internet. Each page of your website has a url which is unique, no other page has the same address. So let’s say our website is called “” and we have a services page, its url could be Its a nice address, easy to remember, intuitive as users may think this is where your services will be. It is not SEO optimized though.

An SEO optimized url for the services page and based on our example would be : 

Why better? Because it contains our three main & important terms “criminal”, “trade” and “law”. An even better title, stripping it from the un-important ( without much interest or relevancy ) words would be : 

An even better ( not in all cases ) title, considering the local way in which people search would be : 

URLs should not exceed the length of 75 characters as some search engines will only take the first 75 characters and analyze them, skipping everything in the url that is after the limit of 75 characters.

Remember, no page on your website can or should have more than one url.

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