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Off-site SEO : link-building, write articles and send them to press websites or magazines 

Or in other words, your link-building strategy. 

There are a couple of ways you can add links to other peoples’ websites. Since you don’t control their website but they do, then you can’t really go in and add links unless they want it or allow it. So you will need to follow some digital-PR steps to “convince” them to add a link to your website.

One way to make it happen is to write an article about your own concept and then send it to online magazines and press websites ( again of high quality and relevancy ). So let’s say you’d like to promote your trade law services page, you can write an article about how trade law has changes this year and what is going on this quarter of the year, some news and some tips for the reader, save your text and send it to a business magazine which you found online ( and has all the characteristics mentioned above for a “good” website ) and ask them kindly but firmly to add a link to your law services page.

The trick here to remember is that they must add the links as an active clickable link, not just a mention of source but a hot link which users can click and get driven to your website.

Also, this link in technical terms has to be rel=follow, which means that search engines will “see” it and consider it, as opposed to rel=nofollow where this link, although working fine, is invisible to search engines. You should ask them this link to be rel=follow so you can gain whatever you can from this website the article will be added to.

Some online magazines and press websites, aching for content, will publish your article for free and host it for free. Others may charge for this, something that is nowadays called “advertorials” or “paid editorials”. Either way, its a nice idea of a way of adding links online.

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