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3 actions to take yourself to make your website faster

Your website is loading slowly and you want to explore the option of what you can do yourself, without needing your web developer. Here are three things you can do yourself, without knowledge of web development or deep WordPress to perform.

Compress and resize your photos

The number one reason websites are slow to load, is large and oversized images. There are two parameters to keep an eye on for images and photos. One is image pixel size, for example, you upload to your website a photo that is 8000 x 4000 pixels taken from your DSLR, but this image is destined to be loaded inside a box that is 900×350 pixels in size. This is wrong, the image that is 8000 x 4000 large, will have to be resized into something exactly or a bit close to the box you are to load it in.

The second parameter is byte file size. An image that is 15 megabytes in size, will have to be downloaded by the browser at least the first time. Imagine having 20 images like this on your page. This will be too large for fast loading the page, even with today’s very fast internet connections. So each of the images has to be compressed, using apps like Photoshop, Photo Bulk, Image Optim or anything similar, down to as low kilobyte size as possible.

Review your plugins

If you own a website built on WordPress, you will need to have administrative privileges and then navigate to your WP-Admin and then Plugins. There you will see a list of plugins that are either disabled or active. For the active plugins, you will need to take a look and see if there are either redundant ones you no longer need, ones that are maybe doing the same work others are or ones that are leftovers from the development phase of the website.

Think about your hosting environment

Some times, cheap hosting providers suffer from low website loading speeds due to network and hardware. There are great hosts out there and very bad too. This is a process though, finding a very good and value-for-money host is a trial and error process, you try with one, measure ( using Gtmetrix and Google Page Speed maybe ) and if you feel your website is slow, you can try with another one.

In general terms and entirely out of personal experience, cheap web hosts don’t offer great space for speed. But there is a upper limit on what you really need, to start with you will need a host that is fast, reliable and allow for high speed. As your website grows, you might need more, so you upgrade and upgrade.

Answering a possible question on how to move your website to another host, most hosts these days offer free migration services to their own infrastructure so you’re covered from there!

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