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Why Search Intent & Personas Are Important for SEO Content Creation

SEO content creation is a crucial element of every search engine optimization strategy. Quality, original and relevant content is a key factor in SEO success.

Search engines reward sites that have high-quality and useful content, but they are starting to move away from keywords and it’s more about the user now.

But What Is SEO Content Creation?

SEO content creation is writing with a goal to generate or increase organic traffic to your website and rank higher in search engines.

Some examples of SEO content are local content or service pages and blog posts, that are SEO optimized.

It’s about creating useful, relevant and valuable content that targets specific keywords and topics so that your website ranks higher and attracts more visitors. Your content will have to satisfy your visitors and search engines at the same time.

Don’t forget about Search Intent!

The content you write must not only target the keywords your audience is searching for, but it must also satisfy their intent better than your competitors’ website.

Before you start creating or optimizing your content, it is important to think about your text’s purpose and how would it help your audience. Why would people search for this content, are they looking for an answer or a solution to a problem they have?

It is important that your content fits the search intent of your audience.

But wait a minute, do you understand your target audience?

When creating content for SEO, it is also important to understand the user’s perspective and the “why” behind their actions, what drives them, their needs and wants.

Create content that is user-focused, not about yourself and this way you’ll be creating connections with your target audience.

How do I get started?

Remember that your site is not for everyone. Create searcher personas that will represent different user types of your website. Personas can be very valuable for search engine optimization and will help you find the right keywords, topics and tone for your targeted audience and create the right content.

What are Personas? How do i create them?

Marketing personas are fictional users, based on your website’s data and marketing research, who represent different types of your website’s visitors.

To build users personas, you need to review your website’s search data by using your web analytics tools (like Google Analytics) and determine what and why are people searching for and your visitors demographics (age, gender, job title, location e.t.c.). Think of what types of people are you looking to attract to your website and make sure you understand the context (why and how are they using your website, what’s their motivation, their environment and influences). You can then use this information to help your content and overall SEO strategy.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to run a competitors analysis (learn what works or not in your industry. Find the strengths and locate opportunities).

Defining your audience will help you create more relevant and useful content for your targeted audience and increase your website’s organic traffic.

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