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Get a CRM and kickstart your small business

Small business owners rarely have the time to start thinking about CRM. CRM is not only a piece of software, its also a whole business mentality, day by day process, which, if supported by good software, can help you gain things that would otherwise take you too much time to tackle when happening in low volume, or would overwhelm you when they would start happening in larger volumes.

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Nope, Agile is not a polite, new way to push for faster results

A personal opinion. These days and for some time now, a very popular method of software implementation in either mid-size or large-scale projects is the Agile methodology and SCRUM in particular. What Scrum tries to do is to simplify the process on the one hand and also boost efficiency on the other. A very specific process though, has to be followed to fully and correctly implement Scrum. More on